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Christology for Christmas

Christ Over All is a fellowship of pastor-theologians dedicated to helping the church see Christ as Lord and everything else under his feet.

Christ is the reason for the season, and during Advent we will turn our attention to more than a dozen biblical and theological reflections on the glory of Christ Incarnate. Christmas is not just a season to give gifts; it is a season to ponder the unfathomable gift of God become man. In this theme, we will put the spotlight on Christ and marvel at the reality of the Incarnation.

Crossway Publishers is graciously providing a free pdf copy of A Christian Manifesto to readers of Christ Over All for the month of October.

Featured Articles


The Word Became Flesh: An Advent Meditation from John’s Prologue

By Ardel Caneday
Like a parent with a child, God stoops and uses our toddler-like language to allow us to understand who He is by way of analogies: He is Father, Shepherd, and Word. See how Dr. Ardel Caneday fleshes out a concept with awe-filled ramifications.

O Come Emmanuel, and Ransom Captive Israel: A Christmas Meditation

What does the well-known Christmas Carol “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” actually mean? And what would Matthew’s gospel say that Christmas is all about?

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November Intermission: From the Good Works of Evangelicalism to the Good News of Christmas

As we transition from the history of Evangelicalism in November to Christology in December, we have two, thirteen, and three things to be thankful for—and these beside all we have in Christ! See the recap of this past month along with a preview of the final month of 2022.

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Black Liberation Theology and Woke Christianity

What’s the difference between black Liberation Theology and Woke Christianity? And how did Calvinism find a way into the mix?

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The Podcast

Jesus Christ reigns over all things, and this podcast exists to help people see the reality and ramifications of this truth. We post at least four times a month: Twice, we will read aloud a longform essay from our monthly theme. And twice, we will discuss each essay with its author and another Christian leader. Listen in to live in light of Christ’s Lordship.

Upcoming Themes

In October we consider the extraordinary impact of Francis Schaeffer and we draw out the present pertinence of his Christian Manifesto. In November, we ponder the past 100 years of evangelicalism in order to better decipher and live in the present. Finally, in December we savor the incarnation of Jesus Christ, who is Lord over All.

About Christ Over All

Christ Over All is a ministry that aspires to edify the church with evergreen content that will help the church think in biblical categories and apply Christ’s preeminence to all areas of life. In an age where the internet is often hyper-reactive and hostile, we will take a different path.