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Great Books Throughout the Ages

Works that Have Stood the Test of Time

Christ Over All is a fellowship of pastor-theologians dedicated to helping the church see Christ as Lord and everything else under his feet.

“Of making many books there is no end” (Eccl. 12:12). But only a small fraction of these books pass through time to be read a decade, a century, or even a millennium later. This month, we seek to find those books that have endured through the flames and have proven themselves to be more than wood, hay, or stubble. Without confusing the words of God and the wisdom of men, we seek to consider the perspectives of these great books, so that from them we can have a greater vision of God and his world.

Crossway Publishers is graciously providing a free pdf copy of The Final Days of Jesus to readers of Christ Over All for the month of April.

Featured Articles


ENCORE: Reformed and Reforming the SBC: Christ Over the Law Amendment

By David Schrock
What is the next step for conservative SBC churches in light of the Law Amendment falling around 5% short of the needed votes?

The SBC Isn’t Drifting, It’s Being Steered: A Sober-Minded Response to Emotional Sabotage

By Michael Carlino
Emotional sabotage has steered and shaped many of the major decisions of the Southern Baptist Convention from the early 2020s to the present. How? Keep reading.

Institutes of the Christian Religion: A Reader’s Guide to a Christian Classic

What do you find when you get to know John Calvin? That he wanted you to get to know God.

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God’s Glory was Satisfied: Anselm’s Why God Became Man?

Almost a thousand years ago, Anselm asked the question why God became man? His answer is still of great value for the church today.

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Important Articles on Why the Law Amendment is Necessary

There are many good reasons to support the Law Amendment. We’ve compiled some of the best information about the amendment here.

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The Columns

3.29 Joe Rigney, David Schrock, Trent Hunter • Interview • “The Unavoidable Either-Or: The Choice that Confronts Us in The Great Divorce”

By Joe Rigney
Listen in as Joe Rigney joins David Schrock and Trent Hunter to discuss his longform essay "The Unavoidable Either-Or: The Choice that Confronts Us in The Great Divorce" as well as the 2024 meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.
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The Podcast

Jesus Christ reigns over all things, and this podcast exists to help people see the reality and ramifications of this truth. We post at least four times a month: Twice, we will read aloud a longform essay from our monthly theme. And twice, we will discuss each essay with its author and another Christian leader. Listen in to live in light of Christ’s Lordship.

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In keeping with our vision to edify the church with evergreen content, our website is organized around monthly themes. These themes may focus on the Bible, theology, church, or culture. Over the course of the year we cover all these vital areas. There is a place for real-time responsiveness to cultural and evangelical controversy, but monthly themes do not focus on that priority. Rather, we plan our themes months in advance, curating a stable of writers with tailored assignments. Our hope is to foster mature and biblically-grounded reflection. To that end, with acknowledgement that all we plan is subject to God’s will, here are Christ Over All’s upcoming themes.

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Christ Over All is a ministry that aspires to edify the church with evergreen content that will help the church think in biblical categories and apply Christ’s preeminence to all areas of life. In an age where the internet is often hyper-reactive and hostile, we will take a different path.

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