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Thinking God’s Thoughts After Him

 Doing Theology by the Book

Christ Over All is a fellowship of pastor-theologians dedicated to helping the church see Christ as Lord and everything else under his feet.

Everything is theological. That is, everything finds its meaning by comparison to the Word (logos) that God (theos) has spoken. Still, not every theological system gets it right, and the problem is usually found in the foundation. The method of doing theology determines whether your theological foundation will withstand the storms, the wind, and the floods. So theological foundations are vital, but so is faithful construction. This is what various kinds of theology (historical, philosophical, systematic, biblical, and pastoral) seek to do. And this month, in conjunction with the launch of Stephen Wellum’s Systematic Theology, we plan to offer a vision of doing theology that is by the book.

Crossway Publishers is graciously providing a free pdf copy of A Christian Manifesto to readers of Christ Over All for the month of October.

Featured Articles


The Sufficiency of Scripture in Doing Christian Theology by the Book

By Ardel Caneday
Systematic Theology is inextricably linked to the understanding of individual biblical texts. But what if those texts are obscured by extra-Biblical historical backgrounds that lead away from a biblical author’s intended meaning? Sound exegesis must begin with a firm commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture.

An Excerpt from Stephen Wellum’s Systematic Theology, Volume 1: From Canon to Concept

By Stephen Wellum
What is systematic theology and why does it matter? Stephen Wellum answers these important questions in the first chapter of his new Systematic Theology excerpted here.

A Pastor’s Best Friend: A Good Catechism

Sound doctrine leads to sound living, and one of the best tools for learning sound doctrine is a good catechism.

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The Judge of All the Earth and the Theologian in Mamre

Abraham knew that the Lord is just in all that he does, but how did he know that? And how can Abraham serve as a model for us in doing theology today?

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The Pastor as Local Theologian

How do we make local great again? By listening to an ancient pastor whose voice speaks to our globalized world.

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A Pastor’s Best Friend: A Good Catechism

By Ben Tellinghuisen
Sound doctrine leads to sound living, and one of the best tools for learning sound doctrine is a good catechism.
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The Podcast

Jesus Christ reigns over all things, and this podcast exists to help people see the reality and ramifications of this truth. We post at least four times a month: Twice, we will read aloud a longform essay from our monthly theme. And twice, we will discuss each essay with its author and another Christian leader. Listen in to live in light of Christ’s Lordship.

Upcoming Themes

In keeping with our vision to edify the church with evergreen content, our website is organized around monthly themes. These themes may focus on the Bible, theology, church, or culture. Over the course of the year we cover all these vital areas. There is a place for real-time responsiveness to cultural and evangelical controversy, but monthly themes do not focus on that priority. Rather, we plan our themes months in advance, curating a stable of writers with tailored assignments. Our hope is to foster mature and biblically-grounded reflection. To that end, with acknowledgement that all we plan is subject to God’s will, here are Christ Over All’s upcoming themes.

About Christ Over All

Christ Over All is a ministry that aspires to edify the church with evergreen content that will help the church think in biblical categories and apply Christ’s preeminence to all areas of life. In an age where the internet is often hyper-reactive and hostile, we will take a different path.

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