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Lessons to Learn from Christianity and Liberalism a Century Later

By Stephen Wellum
Few books make more than a passing squeak in the orchestra of Christian history. And some books are so compelling that their deep sound resonates even 100 years later.

May Intermission: From the Christian Home to J. Gresham Machen’s Christianity & Liberalism

By David Schrock
We transition from considering the home as the building block of society to considering what J. Gresham Machen categorized as two religions: Christianity and “Liberal Christianity.” Here we provide a recap of May 2023’s articles and a preview of our theme in June: Christianity and Liberalism Revisited: A 100 Year Appreciation.

Rejoicing in Singleness

By John Lee
Singleness is not just a waiting room for those who want to be married. Christian singles can joyfully pursue godliness, contentment, and fellowship within the church.

Singleness in the New Covenant

By Stephen Wellum
The New Testament teaches that marriage is but a shadow of the relationship between Christ and his Church. So what does this mean for single Christians?

Fathers Discipling Children

By Jason DeRouchie
Deuteronomy 6:4–9 commends formally and informally teaching our children the Supreme Commandment to love God with our everything. But what might this practically look like in daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms—in both the good times and the hard times?

Talking To Our Children About Discipline

By Trent Hunter
We must discipline our children, but how should we talk to our children about discipline? Hebrews 12 provides a good place to start.

Upcoming Themes

In October we consider the extraordinary impact of Francis Schaeffer and we draw out the present pertinence of his Christian Manifesto. In November, we ponder the past 100 years of evangelicalism in order to better decipher and live in the present. Finally, in December we savor the incarnation of Jesus Christ, who is Lord over All.