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A Pastor’s Best Friend: A Good Catechism

By Ben Tellinghuisen
Sound doctrine leads to sound living, and one of the best tools for learning sound doctrine is a good catechism.

The Judge of All the Earth and the Theologian in Mamre

By Robert Lyon
Abraham knew that the Lord is just in all that he does, but how did he know that? And how can Abraham serve as a model for us in doing theology today?

The Pastor as Local Theologian

By Trent Hunter
How do we make local great again? By listening to an ancient pastor whose voice speaks to our globalized world.

Friends, Not Enemies: Reconciling Philosophy and Theology Under the Lordship of Christ

By Chris Bolt
What is the relationship between philosophy and theology? Good philosophy is an ally, not an enemy, to sound theology.

Three Reasons Every Thoughtful Christian Should Read Wellum’s New Systematic Theology

By Godwin Sathianathan
Throughout church history, many faithful systematic theologies have been written, so do we really need another one now? Here are three reasons why every Christian would benefit from Stephen Wellum’s new Systematic Theology!

The Sufficiency of Scripture in Doing Christian Theology by the Book

By Ardel Caneday
Systematic Theology is inextricably linked to the understanding of individual biblical texts. But what if those texts are obscured by extra-Biblical historical backgrounds that lead away from a biblical author’s intended meaning? Sound exegesis must begin with a firm commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture.

Upcoming Themes

In October we consider the extraordinary impact of Francis Schaeffer and we draw out the present pertinence of his Christian Manifesto. In November, we ponder the past 100 years of evangelicalism in order to better decipher and live in the present. Finally, in December we savor the incarnation of Jesus Christ, who is Lord over All.