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Institutes of the Christian Religion: A Reader’s Guide to a Christian Classic

By Shawn Wright
What do you find when you get to know John Calvin? That he wanted you to get to know God.

ENCORE: Reformed and Reforming the SBC: Christ Over the Law Amendment

By David Schrock
What is the next step for conservative SBC churches in light of the Law Amendment falling around 5% short of the needed votes?

God’s Glory was Satisfied: Anselm’s Why God Became Man?

By Stephen Wellum
Almost a thousand years ago, Anselm asked the question why God became man? His answer is still of great value for the church today.

Important Articles on Why the Law Amendment is Necessary

By David Schrock
There are many good reasons to support the Law Amendment. We’ve compiled some of the best information about the amendment here.

Augustine and The City of God

By Brad Green
Although the city of man crumbles around us, we take heart in the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God.

The SBC Isn’t Drifting, It’s Being Steered: A Sober-Minded Response to Emotional Sabotage

By Michael Carlino
Emotional sabotage has steered and shaped many of the major decisions of the Southern Baptist Convention from the early 2020s to the present. How? Keep reading.

Upcoming Themes

In October we consider the extraordinary impact of Francis Schaeffer and we draw out the present pertinence of his Christian Manifesto. In November, we ponder the past 100 years of evangelicalism in order to better decipher and live in the present. Finally, in December we savor the incarnation of Jesus Christ, who is Lord over All.