2.9 Andrew Walker, David Schrock, Stephen Wellum • Interview • “The Moral Meaning of Loving One’s Neighbor”

Episode 026
48 Min
February 27, 2023
The world's meager idea of love as mutual affirmation pales in comparison to the robust view of love presented in Scripture. True love of neighbor refuses to uphold tacit lies, but instead seeks human flourishing lived out in God's ordered reality.
Timestamps to Know
  • Intro: 00:33
  • Where do We Miss the Idea of ‘Loving One’s Neighbor’ Today? – 2:51
  • The Logic of Loving One’s Neighbor & The Idea of Reciprocity – 5:56
  • Working Out Moral Norms in a Society Against Christianity – 10:30
  • How Much Does our American Context Inform a Natural Law Argument? – 13:53
  • How Do We Argue What True Love Is in the Public Square? -19:43
  • Do We See Christians Making Moral Arguments From Scripture? – 26:03
  • More Practical Ways of Speaking in Public to the Culture – 34:23
  • The Recognition and Moral Persuasion of Judgment – 41:31
  • Outro – 46:43
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